Thursday, January 28, 2010

Officer, it wasn't my fault.

Yesterday was not a good dieting day. Sterling ate cake for breakfast, which made Gracie want cake also. She already had breakfast, so I figured...a little piece of cake won't hurt her. The smell of it was so delicious. I wanted a piece so bad. I opted for licking the knife instead. I didn't cut my tongue, so I consider it a success. It was better than eating a piece of cake for breakfast right?

I did great not eating any snacks, then around 11 Erica called because Camron (also known as Acornn) needed to go to the hospital for stitches in his thumb. I grabbed Gracie and went straight over to her house. Erica's daycare kids were having spaghetti. I fixed everyone a plate and saved a little for myself. I was getting ready to fix my plate when I heard someone knocking on her front door. I go and answer and what do you know...another kid. Of course he hasn't had lunch, so I give him my spaghetti. He's more minute and that spaghetti was mine! Erica came back home about 1:30. She had to stop at the pharmacy and drop off a prescription...and she brought me a FAVORITE candy bar :) I didn't eat it right away, although I was starving! I decided to stop at Burger King (because it is open now!) My heart was screaming...get the Hershey Pie! I knew I had the candy bar so I didn't get it. Instead I ordered a whopper jr, small order of french fries and a small coke. It smelled SO good. I grab my burger and what do you know...they gave me a whopper. No Jr. I ate almost all of it and I didn't eat the fries...waste of money. That shows strength. I'm improving. I did scarf down the candy bar after the burger.

Since, I had a high calorie lunch (and honestly I didn't have time for dinner) I ate a sandwich for dinner. A whole 300 calories...which isn't bad. When I came home, I ate that piece of cake I wanted for breakfast. :-/

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