Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am a chocolate whore...sorry Mom and Dad.

It's true...if I could shoot it into my veins, well, I wouldn't do that. Then I would be shooting up with chocolate and eating it. Not too mention eck. For Valentines Day, Sterling bought me the biggest box of Hershey's Pot of Gold he could find. Actually, I found it and told him I wanted it, but you get the picture. Valentine's Day was Sunday...the chocolates are gone (Tuesday). All of them. I don't even like dark chocolate, but no chocolate vs dark chocolate...clearly DC wins. Besides, if you chase the dark chocolate with milk you end up with milk chocolate...am I right or am I right?

Last week, Sterling had his annual health exam with the State Police. His cholesterol is high. Both of his parents have trouble with theirs, so I'm sure some of it is hereditary. I know delicious steak doesn't help, but he is a state trooper...we don't eat steak too often. I googled what type of diet we should go on to reduce his cholesterol...cut out red meat and eat more fish and eat a high fiber diet. High fiber diet=pooping. I stopped taking the poop pills a while back, but this should give similar results. I'm not a fish eating person, but I do like mahi mahi (I know its dolphin...whatever). Sterling said he only eats fish that he catches...well, if I'm going to eat fish, I'm going to have to buy it. I'm funny like that. I don't like eggs straight out of the chickens butt...I prefer to buy them at food lion. Any ideas on how I can cook fish so it doesn't taste, well, like fish. And what are some good non-fishy fish? I plan on keeping my husband around til the whole "Til death do us part" and I don't plan on that happening anytime soon.

32 days until the 8k. I ran 2 miles today and did 10 on the stationary bike. I hope it is warmer in 32 days, I hate running when I'm cold.