Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comedic Workout

The past 2 maybe 3 days I haven't done so well with eating healthy; however, it is 10 times better than it has ever been. I've eaten like one serving of chocolate covered Ritz crackers when typically I would the whole box. I blame my lack of will power on the lack of working out and I blame my lack of working out on the Virginia State Police :D Sterling is working midnights, so I have to find something to keep Gracie quiet. That doesn't leave time for me to do school-work, house-work, and exercise.

Today, my mom is here. Gracie is napping and Sterling is still sleeping, so I convince mom to workout with me. She chose the treadmill so I took the stationary bike. I'm going to try to paint a picture of my mom on the treadmill. I set her at 3 miles per hour. That is a decent walk. She immediately jumped off the "belt". She said it took off too fast. I promised her it wasn't fast, so she got back on. I started pedaling and I notice mom is holding on for dear life. She refuses to let go. I told her to slow it down to where she can walk without holding on and then slowly increase her speed back up to 3 mph. She didn't even want to let go to hit the down button :D It made me lol for real. When she got to 1/2 a mile we switched.

Also, I thought the Colt's game started at 1...wrong. We ended up watching the hockey game. Kate- I hope you read my blog. Watching hockey on tv is not any fun. I was chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and Let's Go Pittsburgh (clap clap clap clap clap) and it didn't help. I know sports are more fun live, but that was like watching golf on tv. Sorry golf fans...and hockey on tv fans (possibly just Kate).

When Doug surprised Kate with a group outing to the hockey game, I had to keep it a secret, so I told people we were going ice skating. Now i want to go ice skating. Anyone want to go maybe next weekend?

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