Thursday, January 7, 2010

Too get rid of my bubble butt- I opted for bubble guts

Day 4: I took all 8 pills yesterday. Some people are worried about me doing so, but I'm hard headed. I was worried that I might have an accident though. It doesn't specify what type of poop I should be expecting with this. What if I shart myself in public? Haha. Just thinking about that makes me embarrassed. Today, the pills work. I've pooped like 4 times. Regular poop, no bubble guts. Thank you Jesus!

I am not new to working out, I just have done anything in about a month. I ran a mile on Tuesday. Yesterday I ran a mile, lifted weights and worked on my abs. Sterling jokes on me when I lift weights because I really can't lift that much. After I finish lifting, I added more weights to the bar, so he will think I am getting like 20 pounds. Haha. I've also increased my speed on the treadmill. I don't like running on it, so I only do a mile. If it weren't so cold outside I would run longer.

Because I love food and I stink at dieting, I am just trying to make healthier choices. For last night's dinner I used fat free Italian dressing mix and I did half mashed cauliflower and half mashed potatoes.

I googled a healthy weight for my height and got the result of 129-154. I'm already in that range, but I am aiming for a solid 135...that is what I weighed at the beginning of summer.

Today when I woke up I was sore. YAY! That means I did something...probably from adding the extra weight after I finished lifting. :) The fronts of my legs hurt and my arm pits hurt. I was hoping my butt and abs would hurt. I'm going to really focus on my abs tonight, but I need some ideas to make my butt hurt...that sounds odd. Any suggestions? I did weighted squats FYI. I've thought about getting Sterling's swimming fin things (flippers maybe???). They remind me of that scene in Along Came Polly. Anyway, I thought about wearing those to add weight to my ankles and then I can do like swimming kicks laying on my stomach to work my rear and reverse it to work my abs. Just an idea.

That about sums up my day. Except, I forgot to take the pills this morning, but I took them this afternoon. Oh well. I've already missed 12 pills anyway! :)

This was what I had for dinner...
London Broil- open it and drop that sucker in the crock pot. (Raw meat gags me)
Dry Italian dressing mix (I found fat free) packet and empty into crock pot.
Pepperoncinni peppers (found near the pickle section) Open jar and dump into crock pot.
Cut up an onion (or two) and throw that in there also. It is sooo good, you won't want to be home while this is cooking because it makes you hungry all day.

Now, time to fix dinner and get my workout on :)


  1. You should do this Cross Fit workout:
    Run 400 meters (1 lap around the track)
    40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 dips

    Repeat 4 times.
    Make sure you go down all the way on the squat, but don't let your knees extend further than your toes. All of your weight is on your heels and it hurts (in a good way). You can do girl pushups too, just don't give up and keep good form!

    If your body isn't sore, you didn't do the exercises correctly and you cheated. Hot bods are worth the pain!

  2. Wait...4 times in 1 day? :D I might give it a go!