Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In the beginning-Might be TMI for the XY chromosome

No, I do not think I am fat, but I am not skinny. After I got married, I was oblivious to the fact that I was gaining weight and I am somewhat paranoid that I will be a size 10 before I know it. I'm not ashamed of my current weight 137 lb. and I'm a hair under 5'6". I can and have been skinnier...that was when I was working out and breastfeeding Gracie. I was probably burning 1000 calories a day. The problem with that is I had very little muscle and couldn't run for squat. My goal is to have muscle definition and to run 5k's or maybe a 1/2 marathon. (Full marathon is just thank you!)

Also, someone once told me that her "Walk around naked weight" is 135. You know, the weight were you feel comfortable walking around naked...or for me in a bathing suit. I'm not sure what my "Walk around naked weight" is, but it is not 135!

So, here I am paranoid that I am gaining weight without realizing it and also I'm wanting to be in better physical shape. While Tasha was here I made her watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I love watching E!, so she had to watch it with me. Tasha told me that she heard they have their own line of diet pills that gives them more energy and keeps them skinny. Wait! Energy, plus being skinny, plus eat what I want??? I have to get these pills. I look it up and they use SlimQuick. I google it, read all about it (available at Walmart). You have to start with the one week Detox. Detox=poop a lot. If I am going to do this, I might as well do the detox part, even though I poop regularly I give it a go. I glance at the directions and it says take your first serving before lunch and your second serving before dinner. So, I take one pill out and pop it in my mouth. HORSE PILL! I almost vomit trying to swallow it. It was huge. If I get sick, I guess I will lose weight right? But that is unhealthy, so I have to swallow these pills. First day goes by, I stayed by the bathroom for just in case. Nothing. Second day, hello horrible gas. Maybe I'm not full of poop, maybe I'm full of hot air. Haha.
(Day 3). I am not feeling the energy or pooping more, the pills are NOT working. This morning I decided to read the booklet that came with the pills. Serving size=4 pills. So I am supposed to take 4 pills before lunch and 4 pills before dinner. I can barely get 1 pill down. It took me an entire bottle of water to get 4 pills down today. I'm definitely going to be drinking enough water now! BTW- I took the pills 2 hours ago and I can already tell I have more energy.


  1. yay, I'll be the first to comment! HoneyChild..don't do the diet will lose a little weight, but it's not healthy. I did these pills a couple years ago. I lost a little..but its not something you can continue to take forever..and when you stop..guess what..the weight comes back on. I'm not dogging ya..I'm only saying cause I know you and care about ya!

  2. I never thought I would have to continue to take them! I can't take a pill every day!

  3. well yea, but when you stop taking them, the weight comes it pretty much defeats the purpose! I don't remember them being so big though..maybe they were smaller a couple years ago.