Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It has been awhile!

I know I haven't blogged in a while. Over a month really. About two weeks ago I was going to blog, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. I gained weight. I was weighing 145lb...not just one day, but every time I weighed myself. I ate all of Logan and Gracie's chocolate that I bought for Easter. Like, a whole bag of the reese's peanut butter eggs, 6 of the big cadbury cream eggs, kit kats, 8 mini caramel cadbury eggs, snickers bars...yea...in about a weeks time. 145 lbs. I couldn't even get my size 4 pants over my hips. I had to go buy one pair of size 8's (I didn't even try on 6's...I knew they wouldn't work). I was worried that if I wore fitted clothes people would think I was pregnant. I had back fat and side fat...bad. One day I hit a low; a I'm going to be 160lb, size 12 in a matter of months, kind of feeling. If you weigh that much I'm not saying you are over weight, but that is not a good weight for me. The weather was warmer, so I went running. I couldn't run like I did last summer. I couldn't even do half the distance I did last summer. I ran until I couldn't run, then I walked. The minute I felt like I could run again, I did...even if it was for 5 feet before I stopped. I did that for 2.25 miles.

The day after that my stomach muscles hurt...from running. Never have they hurt from running. I did yoga that day. Then I ran again the next day, using the same method as the first day. I did this for maybe 5 days.

The day before my 8k, I weighed 141. Wanda (shout out to Wanda!) was my running partner. We started out at a great pace. Everyone was passing us, but it didn't matter. We were at the 1 mile marker before we knew it. No walking, all running. By the time we got to the 2 mile marker we were passing people. A lot of people. We were passing 13 year old boys. People were cheering for us on the sideline. I was cheering for us as we ran. I would randomly start cheering or shout what mile we were on and tell everyone we were almost done. It was pretty fun. I was cheering for the people passing out water (I loved them!) I was doing great...Mile 4 my body wanted to walk. Wanda was still wanting to run. I didn't want to walk but my body was begging for me to walk. Then this old lady came by telling everyone to follow Old Glory. I belted out, very loud and very much off key, God Bless America. A few others joined in. That got me another 1/2 mile, but then I wanted to walk again. I overheard this mom with her son. He wanted to quit and walk in the last 1/2 mile. She told him, Everyone is cheering at the finish line. Let them see you running. Don't let them see you walk. Why was I going to let everyone think I walked? I picked up my pace a little and made it that final stretch! I was so proud to go 5 miles and even though I wanted to quit, I didn't. Thanks Wanda for not letting me think I could walk!!! I'm looking forward to the next race!!! :D
The day of the run, I ate like a pig the rest of the day. I couldn't get enough to eat. Other than that day, I have not been snacking. I've eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner. The thought of eating a whole candy bar makes me feel sick. I'm now down to 139 lb. 4 or 5 lb to go! And...I can wear my size 4's again. I still have some side and back fat, but I'm still working on that.

My favorite exercise I have done so far has been this Kelly Ripa workout. The thing that caused the most pain to my body was leg raises. Stand next to your kitchen table. Lean over and place your right forearm on the table. Put your left hand on your left hip. Lift your left leg so it is parallel to the floor. Hold it there and pulsate it up for two minutes (I can only do 1 min, but the instructions say 2). When you are finished switch legs. After that, lean on the table with both arms and lift your right leg directly behind you so it is parallel to the floor and pulsate it for 2 min then switch legs. I promise, your butt and legs will hate you the next day.

Also- I was asked if I was interested in running the special olympic torch from suffolk to smithfield. Farmers Bankers...I expect to see you guys at the road giving me water. :D I'm pretty excited about taking part in that! I'm not sure of details yet, but when I hear more, I'll share.

This was long and overdue!
Have a great week :)

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