Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby I'ma be your motivation.

I'm slowly learning ways that work for me to diet/exercise. I've learned that I can't run/workout with someone who is faster/stronger/in better shape than me. I give up. I like being the leader. It might sound crazy, but I like pushing someone else. In running, I like to say, "Just make it to that sign" etc. Some people get motivated by watching Biggest Loser. Again, that doesn't do it for me. Muscles. Seeing pictures of chicks with muscles. The only sad thing is that most pictures of these chicks...they all have fake boobs. I need to get me some of them too. Muscles first. Boobs later. Here is some of my inspiration:

                                                        I wouldn't wear pants. Ever.
                                                           She's Hot.

                                                     Holy Back Muscles
Its hard to find pictures of bubble butts that are freaking awesome...this one is pretty close. I like my big butt.
                            1. I love dancing as a workout.
                            2. I love workout clothes...especially leg warmers.

                                                           I love legs.

More motivation another day. :)

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