Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution???

So many people made a New Year's Resolution to either lose weight, diet, or eat better...right? I made that resolution a while back and I haven't stopped yet. This week, I am going to do a carb free week (I was going to start today, but I mind-lessly ate perogies for lunch....if you don't know what they are its mashed potatoes inside a pasta shell. Fail on all accounts.) So, starting tomorrow, no carbs. Hey. I might start with dinner tonight. Who says you have to start on a Monday morning...those are tough enough with carbs. Although, I did have scrambled egg whites and turkey get my point. You know why I run...if you don't know, go to my entry about diagnosed back's a tear jerker. I hated running. When people say "I only run if someone is chasing me with a knife", I think...screw that...I don't want to be out of breath when I'm trying to get that knife out of your hand. BUT because I had a reason that I'm very passionate about...I started running. I wasn't even running when I started. I started at 3 mph for one mile. Then I went up to day I realized I could jog at 3.5 miles per hour for an entire mile. Shortly after that I was able to bump the speed up and it didn't affect me. Right now, I'm able to do run a little over 5 mph, but 6 kills me.
What do I hate more than running? Lifting weights. I'm the weakest person ever. Not only do my muscles quiver, but my joints hurt. And that is lifting 5lb weights. My elbows make me feel like my forearm will snap right off. The crazy thing. I can do yoga and hold plank for a while. My upper body is well over 5 lbs. I can even do chutarumba (who knows how to spell that for real?) which requires me to bend my elbows. So, I'm out to accomplish the task of getting muscles. Guns. Big guns. lol. My 5lb weights are getting tolerable and they hurt less and less every time I use them. I'm assuming the hurt is due to a lack of muscle to support my joints.

What inspires you to exercise? When I get in a rut, new workout clothes usually help, but I'm running out of room and money for exercise clothes :) Putting new songs on my IPOD also helps. I like to figure out which songs work best for what type of exercise. For instance, I'm a joker by Tom Petty is ok for walking or spinning, but terrible for running. The beat is way to slow. Here are a few songs that I like to rock out to while running:

I Only Wanna Be With You- Hootie and the Blowfish
Hey Girl- OAR
Little Things- Good Charlotte
You gotta have Faith- Limp Bizkit
How Far Do You Wanna Go- Gloriana (this song is so out of place with the other ones, but I love it)
How's It Gonna Be- Third Eye Blind (this is good for jogging slow...great for beginners)
Rock It Till You Drop It- Fefe Dobson
Gold Digger- Kanye West (I get down with this song. lol)
Shoop- Salt N Peppa
Crazy In Love- Beyonce

That'll get you about three miles :) What else inspires you? Looking at people who are in shape inspire me. Some people say watching the biggest loser inspires them. Not until they are running the marathon do I ever want to get up and workout. While they are big, I could sit there with a bucket of ice cream and watch them run til they throw up. I need to see someone with muscles. Maybe I should tape pictures in my junk food cabinet. :D

Oh BTW- Since I was so terrible at taking those poop pills, I've decided to take them again...because I gained 7 pounds since Thanksgiving. No bueno. Let's see if I can get all 4 pills down twice a day and not poop myself. lol. On that note: Yall have a great day :D

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