Friday, June 4, 2010

One piece bathing suit...

I've been looking for a cute tankini for when we go to Disney. Today, I went into NY&Co. and saw an adorable 1-piece zebra striped bathing suit and the same bathing suit as a tankini. The back of the one piece was really cute, so I decided to try it on. (I've never been a 1-piece kind of gal, so this was something new.) I go into the dressing room and try it on and the results were terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. My body was too tall for this bathing suit... but imagine a halter style one imagine a thong-a-tard. Like a leotard only a thong (80's workout style). That's what this bathing suit wanted to be. I of course had my own underwear on under this, but it still wanted to give me a massive wedge. Also, because it wasn't for an average height person (I'm only 5' 6"...not giant-like at all)-it wanted to completely flatten my boobs. There were cups for boobs, but maybe this bathing suit is designed for a short person with boobs at her knees (lol. hope you are painting this picture doesn't make it any better, but it makes me laugh). Basically, this bathing suit was not modest or flattering at all. On the other hand, I am getting the top to the tankini. I have a solid black bikini, so the zebra top will look good with it :D Score! I didn't get the tankini today because I wanted to cry after seeing how bad that 1-piece made me look.

On the workout side of things, I'm a little bummed. I haven't been able to exercise in a good week. Insanity caused me to have severe calf pain. I think I pulled a muscle. At first it hurt all the time, but as time went it only hurt when I tried exercising. I tried running a mile the other day and I could only run 1/3 of it and had to walk the rest of it. I've been doing pilates because it doesn't bother it, but I'm determined to do Insanity again starting Monday. Maybe one day I'll be able to wear a 1-piece thong-a-tard. lol. Don't hold your breathe :D

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